2022- summer coaching juniors - DVH

The first lessons will take place in the week of 4 April 2022, provided the courts are open. The coaching will be provided by the trainers of DVH, under the supervision of Andy van Rijn. There are no lessons during the primary school vacations from 2/5 - 6/5 inclusive and from 18/7 - 26/8 inclusive or on public holidays. We only break for one week during the May holidays; that is the first week (2/5 - 6/5).

There will be no lessons during the week of the DVH Open tournament.

A lesson lasts 50 minutes; some groups of 1st and 2nd year pupils train for 45 minutes at a lower rate. There will be 16 coaching sessions, except for Monday groups who will receive 15 lessons at a lower rate. The coaching costs are listed below, and you can indicate 2 preferences for the size of the group. Coaching takes place in groups of 4, 5, 6 or 8 participants. So, you can indicate 2 preferences, but the trainers assign the groups at their discretion, taking the players’ level, age and court capacity into account. 

If there are changes to the groups after the holidays in connection with new circumstances (school, another sport, etc), the costs of coaching remain the same.

Terms & Conditions
If your child withdraws after registering and before the first lesson, € 25 administration costs will be charged. For withdrawal after lessons have started, the full amount of coaching costs will be charged, unless withdrawal is due to illness/injury. See the Terms and Conditions.

* If you want to train at DVH you have to become a member of the club. You can register via: https://www.dvh-tennis.nl/membership

Number of peopleNumber of lessonsPrice (p.p.)
4 16 € 212.00
5/6 16 € 162.00
7/8 16 € 118.00


Costs of private coaching

Number of peopleNumber of lessonsPrice (p.p. / training)
1 1 lesson 30 minutes € 33.00
1 1 lesson 45 minutes € 50.00


Register for summer training juniors DVH - 2022

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